Renting an Exotic Car in Chicago to Promote your Business

If you are interested in renting an exotic or luxury car to promote your business, this article will help point out some key information and factors for consideration for your experience. It will also help you find the best exotic car rental companies in Chicago.

Requirements and Restrictions

As you can imagine, renting a six figure luxury or exotic car does have some requirements and restrictions due to the special nature of the vehicles. One restriction will be age. As a result of risk and liability reasons, most exotic car rental companies will require the driver to be at least over the age of 21. Some companies have a 25 year age limit. It probably does not have to be mentioned that a valid and current driver’s license is required; however, most companies will also check the drivers driving record to make sure there are no records of major moving violations such as excessive speeding. Some companies may also run a credit check to further ensure the trustworthiness of their customers.


Again, because of the high value of the luxury and exotic cars being rented, special precautions have to be taken to make sure the vehicles will be covered in case of mishap and accident. Most companies will require the driver to produce a form of insurance that would cover damages to the vehicle in the event of an accident. This can be in the form of an existing policy that has adequate coverage to cover any damages that could result during the rental period. Adequate coverage will mean a comprehensive and collision full coverage policy. If you do not have a personal insurance policy because you do not own a car, many credit cards like American Express will offer rental car protection along with the card member services. There are also 3rd party companies that will provide damage waiver products.

Security Deposit

Once more, because of the special nature of the vehicles, a damage/security deposit will also be required for the rental period. The deposit will usually range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the vehicle and time of the rental period. The deposit is usually administered in the form of a credit card authorization. In case the vehicle is returned with damage present the damage will be charged against the credit card authorization. This is used to cover damages that will not be covered by insurance or the insurance deductible.

Mileage Restrictions

Most rental companies will have 75 – 100 miles included in the rental period. For any excess miles, anywhere from $1-$5, depending on the vehicle, will be charged for every extra mile over the included miles.